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The Herbal Company, Inc.

The Herbal Company Inc. provides a variety of herbal products promoting a healthier life. We beleive that healthly living is created with healthy choices. These products are created with specific herbal formulas to give the most benefits form the products possible by sourcing premium quality raw materials for their formulations.

Because the demands on the healthcare industry are changing for the better everyday. We provide nothing less than the best. We promote Ayurvedic herbs and 100% all natural products. We made a modest beginning,but some call it a great success.

We have a wide range of customers from all over the world. We have premium products as patented Fenugreek fibers, DMG Hcl, TMG Hcl, and more. The health care industry is going through a renaissance, and we are here to help stay at the leading edge of the competition.

The Herbal Company, Inc. provides a solution starting from custom ideas to global marketing. We have developed many products, and received one multinational patent, and obtained three FDA approvals. We are a rapidly growing company with great products, and we are excited about our continuing success.